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ScanGauge II Firmware Upgrade

3-in-one Automotive Computer (scangaugeII)

Linear Logic
Fabricante : Linear Logic
Número de Pieza : SGII_Up
Disponibilidad : Disponible

Upgrade your Scanguage II Firmware to the latest version. ScanGaugeII can help you monitor your vehicle's most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you've been missing. Upgrade now and be sure you have all the latest updates and capabilities.

Official Linear Logic Distributor
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Linear Logic continues to update and enhance their Scangauge devices. By updating and improving many features and overall performance.

This is a short changelog since version 4.22


  • Adjusted timer used to determine data roll over from "Todays Trip" to "Previous Day" to be closer to 8 Hours
  • XGauges on gauge screen will now update with any changes made to them without needing a manual refresh
  • Improved XGauge functionality with certain Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles


  • Fixed bug where pending codes would increase continuously if certain XGauges were running in the background
  • Improved DTC function so that DTC data will be show even if the initial DTC count request does not receive a response
  • Added XGauge functionality for GM, MINI/BMW, and Nissan/Infiniti vehicles


  • Fixed screen flicker which occurs while using certain Nissan XGauges
  • Improved XGauge to handle Toyota / Lexus / Scion TPMS based XGauges


  • Improved XGauge functionality for Honda / Acura
  • Additional improvements to expand coverage of Toyota / Lexus / Scion TPMS based XGauges


  • The cost to upgrade is 50 €.
  • Return shipping to you will be provided by standard delivery.
  • You must send us your Scangauge and the OBD2 cable for testing.
  • We will have shipped your device back within 2 days.
  • Experienced TPL technicians will upgrade the ScanGauge unit and the support team will be available for any question.

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